5 Best laptop for Graphic Design (July 2022)

5 Best laptop for Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of conveying information visually using typefaces, images, colors, and layouts.

Graphic designers design and merge icons, images, and text to produce a visual representation of an idea or message. They rely on typography, color schemes, imagery, space between lines, and at times animation to give their ideas life.

Graphic design is all around us, pervading everything from books and magazines to websites and billboards. Graphic designers are often called upon to incorporate reports and annual reports into their work.

Good graphic design has a way of grabbing our attention and getting its message across. Graphic designers work in tandem with text and imagery to create visual representations of ideas.

Graphic designers must understand how colors work together in order to create designs that are visually pleasing while still presenting a professional image.

In addition to having a strong understanding of typography, they must also know how to make text that is easy for readers to read and understand.

Choosing the right laptop is paramount when it comes to graphic design. It affects both the quality of your work and how efficiently you complete projects. Using a laptop that does not suit your needs can slow you down, make everything look unprofessional, and cause eye strain.

When choosing a laptop for graphic design work, it is crucial to choose the right one. There are many types of laptops and not all of them can handle visual design tasks equally well.

This article discusses the top ten laptops for graphic design. We will discuss what to look for when buying a laptop for graphic design and review some of the best models on the market.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or someone who’s still figuring out what they want to do, this blog post has some inspiration for you.

If you’re considering buying a laptop this year, then this article is perfect for you! Here we’ll explore what to look for in a new laptop and give you some great tips to use after your purchase.


Microsoft Surface Studio

  • Intel Core i7-11370H
  • 14.4″ Touchscreen Display
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti


MSI Creator 15

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
  • Intel Core i7-11800H
  • 15.6″ UHD OLED 4K Display



  • NVIDIA GeForce MX550
  • 12th gen Intel Core i7-1260P
  • 14” 2.8K OLED Touch Screen Display


HP Pavilion Touchscreen

  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1195G7
  • 15.6″ Touchscreen FHD Display


Dell Inspiron 13

  • NVIDIA GeForce MX450
  • 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11370H
  • 13.3-inch 16:10 QHD+ Display

Best Laptops For Graphic Design: Buying Guide and Review

CPU ( Central Processing Unit )

The very first thing you need to think about when buying a laptop for graphic design is its processor. 

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) does most of the calculations necessary for graphics-heavy tasks, so it’s important that your new machine has a powerful processor.

Some of the best CPUs available include the Intel Core I series and the AMD Ryzen. 

The Intel i5 and i7 series are optimized for graphics design work, while the AMD Ryzen is a good option if you’re on a budget.

GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit )

When choosing a video card, there are many factors to consider. One important factor is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The GPU manages all of the graphical processing required for rendering images on the screen.

Graphics Processors (GPUs) are used in laptops to handle high-resolution graphics. To get the most out of your laptop for graphic design, you’ll want a GPU that is powerful and capable of handling these graphics.

Some laptop models contain an integrated GPU, which means that it shares memory with the CPU. 

This typically makes them less expensive and more energy-efficient than a system with a dedicated GPU, but it also makes them considerably weaker for graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing.

Dedicated graphics cards, unlike integrated ones that can share system memory, are specially made for doing graphical intensive tasks. 

They may cost more and use up more power than integrated ones, but they can provide you with a much smoother process when it comes to creating and manipulating graphics in design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Some of the best GPU choices out there are NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards or AMD Radeon RX cards. If you’re looking for high performance, then the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a great option; but if you want something new and cutting edge, then the newest card from NVIDIA (RTX) might be just what you need.

RAM ( Random Access Memory )

Another important consideration is the amount of RAM your laptop has. The more RAM, the better. 

You’ll most likely find that most newer laptops come with at least 8GB (gigabytes) of RAM, but if you want to spend a little more you can find models that offer up to 64GB (gigabytes).

Graphic design requires at least 16GB of RAM. If you’re considering a laptop that can also game or edit videos, then keep in mind that it’ll need more than 16GB of RAM.


Another important consideration is what type of storage your laptop comes with. The type of storage will determine how many files you can store on your computer. 

Laptops usually come in several different configurations, such as 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and even 1TB

If you work with graphic design projects involving larger file sizes, then it is important to make sure your laptop has enough storage space.

When buying a new laptop, keep this in mind and choose the model that suits your needs. The 512GB or even the terabyte models will give you more than enough storage space.


When picking out a laptop for graphic design, one of the most important factors to consider is the display.

A good laptop will have a screen with a high resolution which allows you to see every detail clearly. Many laptops these days come with displays that are at least 1920×1080 pixels; some even go up much higher than this number!

If you want superior image quality, look for a laptop with an HD or UHD display. The 4K displays are getting more popular, but they usually cost significantly more than other models.

Screen size is an important detail when buying a laptop. You’ll want to make sure you buy a laptop with a size that will work best for the job you are looking to do. 

Laptops with smaller screens are better for those who are interested in portability, but laptops with larger screens are often good choices if you plan on doing work that requires lots of multitasking or attention to detail.

Refresh rate is the speed at which a device or computer can refresh or output an image to its display. 

When we talk about monitors or laptops, this term refers to how many times it refreshes its image every second – and the higher this number, the smoother scrolling will feel. For graphic design, you’ll want a laptop with a high-refresh-rate display.

Generally, a screen refresh rate of 60 frames per second is enough. But some laptops come with screens that boast a speed of 120 frames per second or 144 frames per second.


Touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular among laptop users these days and they provide a variety of features that can come in handy in graphic design. 

You’ll be able to easily zoom in or out of your projects with just one swipe across the screen without having to use any additional devices like trackpads.

You can also use certain touch-friendly design programs if you need to work on a touchscreen. When looking for a laptop with a touchscreen, you will want to find one that has a high-resolution display.

Some laptops come with dual-screen displays, which is great for people who want to keep an eye on what they are doing without having to navigate through a bunch of open tabs or windows. 

It also has the added benefit of allowing you to use two programs simultaneously without having to bounce back and forth between them.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing a laptop is the number of ports it has. You will need one with enough USB ports, so you can attach all your peripheral devices such as a mouse, keyboard, and external hard drive. 

Additionally, some laptops have HDMI ports which allow you to hook up an external monitor.

If you plan on playing games or editing videos with an Intel i5 laptop, then make sure it comes equipped with a powerful GPU and lots of ports. 

USB Type-C connectors are becoming more widespread and allow lightning-fast connections between displays, flash drives, printers – anything!

The ThunderBolt ports offer lightning-fast connections to other computers and devices, as well as an easy way for transferring information from one device to another. It’s only fitting that if you’ve got the latest gadgets then your laptop would have a ThunderBolt port too.

Wireless Connectivity

When looking for a new laptop, one important factor to keep in mind is its wireless connectivity. A good Wi-Fi connection will enable you to access the internet quickly and conveniently download files without wires. 

Almost all laptops have Bluetooth capabilities which allow them to wirelessly connect with other devices such as headphones, speakers or even mice.

Wi-Fi 6, otherwise known as 802.11ax, is the newest and most technologically advanced iteration of Wi-Fi networking protocols that currently exist. 

Faster internet speed and improved network performance are just two advantages offered by this cutting-edge standard. 

So if you’re in the market for a new laptop but you need it to come equipped with all of the latest advancements when it comes to wireless internet connections – make sure to buy one supporting Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor when choosing a laptop for graphic designers. When researching battery life, pay attention to how many hours it will run before it dies – ideally, this should be 6 or more. 

Also, take note of the type of batteries being used as some laptops use Lithium Ion which offers a much higher capacity than other types such as Nickel Cadmium (NiCd). You may want to consider laptops with high-capacity batteries since they can last up to 12 hours or longer per charge, making them good choices for those who travel often and need their computers on the go!


When buying a laptop, it is important to consider how portable the device will be for future use. For those who often work on the go, think about purchasing something that is lightweight and easy to transport from place to place. 

Laptops with a thin and light design will do just this job. Keep these tips in mind when looking for laptops – because having your personal computer that suits all of your needs will make working easier than ever before!

5 Best Laptops For Graphic Design In 2022

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a laptop for graphic design is how long the battery will last. If you are considering a laptop with short battery life then it might not be worth it due to how often you need to charge it. 

Another thing to think about is your needs and budget – if you don’t have much money but still want something reliable then buying used laptops could be an option.

These are the ten best laptop computers for graphic design in 2022. They’re perfect for people who want a powerful yet portable device.

1. Microsoft Surface Studio

The Surface Laptop Studio is the perfect laptop for graphic designers because of its large screen and high resolution. It has a fast processor and an incredibly powerful graphics card, which makes it great for photo editing software as well. 

The laptop also features an ultra-thin design that makes it easy to take anywhere – including trips!

It has a resolution of 2400×1600 and a large screen size. It also boasts an impressive contrast ratio of 1500:1. 

Additionally, it includes touchscreen capabilities and can refresh at up to 120 Hz, so there’s never lag when you’re playing your favorite games or watching high-quality videos on Youtube.

The Surface Laptop Studio offers the convenience of having a Surface Pen included with its purchase. This pen is perfect for doodling or writing notes on your laptop screen! It has an excellent design that makes it easy to grip, and an eraser is located at the top of the pen which can erase mistakes just as fast as you make them!

For the best digital experience, you need a laptop that can support all of your favorite programs. For anyone interested in graphic design – there is no computer better than the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Laptop has been equipped with Intel Core i7-11370H, perfect for graphics designers or people who need an excellent visual experience. 

The laptop comes with a powerful 4-Core Processor that will let you carry out your work swiftly and smoothly. This CPU is also incredibly quick so downloading and watching videos won’t be an issue!

The laptop also comes equipped with an Intel chip that contains a 12MB cache memory – this helps to increase the performance of your device. 

This cache memory can also be used to store your important files and documents, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting them. The base clock speed of this chip is at 3.3GHz and has increased capabilities when it goes up to 4.8GHz with Turbo Boost mode enabled.

This laptop also comes with a powerful graphics card capable of handling all your projects or design needs quickly and easily. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio boasts an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti for those wishing to work smartly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

The graphics card that comes with this laptop is very powerful and makes using it quick and easy. It also has a great cooling system that keeps your laptop cool even when you’re running processor-intensive programs or playing games for hours at a time.

The graphic card has up to 4 GB of dedicated memory, which means that it is both reliable and fast. You can complete your task in a short amount of time with this high-quality graphic card installed.

The laptop is equipped with a great deal of RAM, enough so that you can create your art without having to sacrifice anything else. As well as 16GB LPDDR4 RAM, the Surface Laptop offers Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU – which is perfect for graphic designers and those who need to multitask often.

You’ll also be able to store all of your files and documents for quick access. The high bandwidth RAM will allow you to work on your projects without too much trouble or delay.

The Surface Laptop also comes with a huge storage space that will allow you to store all of your important documents and files. It includes a large 512GB PCIe SSD, which is perfect for storing some of your most personal projects, designs, pictures, or videos. You could even use it to store your MP3s or other entertainment files!

The Surface Laptop comes with an amazing display which can provide me with detailed information about my projects and designs. It has a touchscreen that is capable of displaying at 1440×900 pixels in full high definition so I’m able to see everything clearly. 

This laptop also has an anti-glare screen which prevents any sort of glare when looking at it from different angles.

This laptop is Pantone Validated and has great color accuracy. It also comes with a 120Hz high refresh rate, which will enable you to work on your projects without any problems; it has a contrast ratio of 1500:1 – perfect for graphic designers.

2. MSI Creator 15

The MSI Creator 15 Professional laptop is one of the best laptops for graphic design. With a great display that allows you to see every detail in your work, it’s hard to go wrong with this machine. The 4K UHD OLED 3840 x 2160 screen offers professionals an outstanding viewing experience when designing projects on this excellent device.

With its new, innovative Cooler Boost Trinity+, it has 0.1mm blades which are perfect for those who want the best possible gaming experience. 

The blades are so thin that they won’t get in the way of you playing your game or feeling like you’re being restricted – but at the same time provide enough airflow to keep your machine cool.

The Cooler Boost Trinity+ has two Whirlwind Blade fans, which will keep your laptop cool no matter how hard you are playing. It is also very quiet and stealthy so that you can’t even hear it while it’s on.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU delivers impressive graphics performance that lets you work on your projects quickly and efficiently. With 16GB of RAM, it can handle even the most demanding tasks without bogging down while running multiple programs at once.

This laptop also has a sleek design perfect for working on your projects anywhere. The laptop is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to work on your project wherever you go.

The MSI Creator 15 Professional packs a potent punch with its 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H Processor, allowing for speedy performance at blazing speeds. With Turbo Boost enabled, this laptop reaches up to 4.6GHz when necessary – or double the speed of conventional processors at 2.4Ghz.

The graphics of this device are also astounding- it uses the power of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU. This graphics card is incredibly strong and has enough power to do difficult graphic design tasks with your laptop.

The graphics card is very powerful and will allow you to do some intense creative work with the laptop. The RTX series of laptops are popular among gamers as well, so you can be sure that this laptop can handle anything you throw at it.

These RTX 30 Series laptops contain the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and provide up to twice the performance of last year’s model. There are plenty of new features, such as NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA Max-Q that make this laptop even more powerful than before.

The GeForce RTX 3060 is the newest and most affordable graphics card from Nvidia’s RTX line. It packs a punch for those playing games at 1080p resolutions, but can still run 1440p without trouble. And with NVIDIA Reflex reducing input lag and making the experience more responsive than ever before – there is no way you can go wrong with this little powerhouse!

The Ram on this device is also superb, coming with 16GB of memory that allows me to maintain up to four different programs and applications open simultaneously without any lag or slowdown. The laptop has DDR4 RAM, one of the fastest speeds currently available. The Ram Speed for this laptop is 3200MHz

The laptop includes a 15.6-inch UHD OLED screen, displaying at 3840 x 21600 pixels. With this high resolution, you can view the graphics or designs on your computer with great detail, viewing every minute detail of what you’re working on. The thin bezels make for an aesthetically pleasing design when seen from afar or up close.

The MSI Creator 15 Professional also has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, capable of connecting to multiple devices simultaneously while also serving as a charging outlet. This type of connector also has DisplayPort capability and can serve as an output for attaching the laptop to a monitor or TV.

3. ASUS ZenBook 14X OLED

One of the best features of this laptop is its incredibly high screen-to-body ratio, making it perfect for graphic design work. 

The ASUS ZenBook 14X has a 2.8K OLED Touch Screen Display that can be used to view photos and videos at full size with ease. It also comes equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce MX550 graphics card – which is great when working with large files containing many detailed designs.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X features an Intel Core i7-1260P Processor, which is one of the latest 12th-generation processors. This processor has enough power to take on any task thrown its way and do it quickly.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X OLED Laptop comes equipped with an Intel Core i7-1260P Processor that is perfect for graphic designers. As this is the newest series of Intel processors, it will be able to keep up with any task thrown its way without issue. 

With an 18MB cache available, this model can process large files quickly and effectively so there isn’t too much downtime waiting for images or videos to load when working on projects.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X also offers a discreet NVIDIA GeForce MX550 Graphics Card. This is perfect for those who are looking to work with high-resolution graphics. The MX550 is one of the most powerful Graphic Cards out there and can take anything you throw at it; making this notebook an essential addition to your arsenal

These are high quality graphics that are perfect for people who use them for gaming or video editing purposes. Creative software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, can also make good use of these graphics cards.

With its generous amount of LPDDR5 RAM, this laptop makes it easy to use multiple applications or files simultaneously. For those who would like an abundance of space on their device for storing data, the 16GB LPDDR5 is perfect.

The ASUS ZenBook comes equipped with a 512GB PCIe SSD. Not only does this provide ample space for all of your files and programs, but it also ensures quick read and write speeds – especially when it’s time to work on bigger graphics or work in programs that take longer than most others to start up. So you can spend less time waiting around and more time doing what you love.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X OLED Laptop comes equipped with a brilliant display – an OLED touch screen that is Pantone validated and offers a 100% sRGB color gamut. 

This will be perfect for graphic designers who are looking for accurate colors when they’re working on images or videos. The even distribution of light also means this laptop display offers excellent contrast and brightness, making it great for viewing photos or catching up on episodes of Mad Men.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X offers a large screen that displays at 2880×1800 resolution. Perfect for professionals who want to work with graphics software, it also has 16:10 aspect ratio, great for working with wide documents or videos.

The ASUS ZenBook 14X OLED Laptop includes an interactive 5.65-inch touchscreen trackpad that is perfect for using gesture controls while editing media. With this touchpad, you can zoom in and out of images or videos with ease; it even supports multi-touch gestures so you can edit projects simultaneously on one screen by touching several fingers to the pad at once.

4. HP Pavilion Touchscreen

One of the most striking features of this laptop is its Full HD IPS touchscreen display. Along with its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, it also has an Intel Core i7-1195G7 processor and 16GB of RAM – making it perfect for those who want to use multiple programs simultaneously.

One of the best aspects of this laptop is its long battery life. Graphic designers who want to work while they’re on the go will find this beneficial because it’ll power them through the whole day without running out of juice.

Its lightweight and portable design also makes it an excellent choice for people always on the go. With just 3.86 pounds of weight, this would be perfect for carrying at all times- whether you’re traveling or working from different locations!

The HP Pavilion Touchscreen Business Laptop can do everything you need it to do with its 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1195G7 Processor. It also has integrated graphics for when you want to game or edit. This sturdy device will last a long time without breaking!

The processor has a base speed of 2.5GHz that can reach speeds as high as 4.5GHz when necessary for demanding applications

The HP Pavilion Touchscreen Business Laptop includes Intel Iris graphics that make it great for both gaming and video editing needs. With this integrated graphics card, you’ll always have the newest tech right at your fingertips – because the standards are constantly evolving!

The HP Pavilion Touchscreen Business Laptop features 16GB of DDR4 RAM, so you’ll never find yourself running out of space to store new projects and documents.

The laptop also has an inbuilt DDR4 which will speed up your computer and make it easier to work on graphics. It is one of the cheapest yet most competent graphic design laptops around today.

The HP Pavilion Touchscreen Business Laptop features a large 15.6-inch high definition touch screen which displays at 1080p for crisp and clear views of images and videos that are too small to make out with smaller screens.

5. Dell Inspiron 13

One of the prime reasons we picked this laptop was its wonderful screen. The 13.3-inch 16:10 QHD+ (2560 x 1600) Anti-Glare Non-Touch Narrow Border 300nits WVA Display is perfect for graphics designers who want to make the most out of their projects. This screen is bright and vivid, making it easy to see even the finest details in your work.

A further justification for our choice of this laptop is its blazingly fast processor. The 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11370H Processor (12MB Cache, 48GHz) will enable you to easily edit your photos and videos without having to wait too long.

This laptop also has a dedicated graphics card. The NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with 2GB of GDDR6 graphics memory is perfect for anyone who does graphic design or 3D modeling.

The Dell Inspiron Laptop is also a great option for those of you looking for an affordable and portable laptop. This device weighs just under 3 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around anywhere; moreover, this device costs less than $1000 – so you won’t break the bank!

This laptop features a powerful 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11370H Processor. This can enable you to play hard-core games or edit high quality photos and videos quicker than before.

If you need a laptop that can handle heavy use and multitasking, this might be the perfect one for you. With a quad-core processor, it is fast enough to allow you to save up all your work or important information while working on the go with an additional 12MB of cache memory.

This laptop comes equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with 2GB of GDDR6 Graphics Memory, enabling it to handle both light computing tasks like photo editing and even some gaming. It also features a high-quality onboard graphics chip (2GB GDDR6 VRAM) that guarantees beautiful cinematic visuals anytime you need them.

This laptop has an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU and 16GB of DDR4 RAM with a frequency of 2400 MHz which provides fast response times for running multiple applications at once.

The built-in storage of this laptop is great for the low price. You can buy up to a 512GB PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive, giving you even more room for storing data and files on your device.

Installing an SSD will also give you faster loading times for your applications, operating system and games. Dual channel means two lanes of traffic that can carry data independently so you can access it at the same time without ever worrying about slowing down when trying to do too many things at once.

The laptop includes a 13.3-inch QHD+ Anti-Glare Non-Touch Narrow Border WVA Display that will provide you with an easy and enjoyable view of anything on screen; perfect for graphics designers or people who like to post pictures online. It is also remarkably bright, never dimming the colors even when viewed from wide angles – which can save your eyes if you’re doing something else at the same time.

This laptop has a great display with its 16:10 aspect ratio and 2560×1600 resolution. This makes it perfect for movie watchers because of its rich colors and immersive sound quality. It also has 300nit brightness, which is enough to work in a brightly lit room or outside comfortably without straining your eyesight.


Graphics software has become more difficult to use, which means you need a good processor, lots of RAM, and a graphics card specifically made for that type of software. In order to run this type of program efficiently on your computer it is best if you have an extremely high resolution monitor with plenty of storage space for files because these programs can take up a lot of room.

The best laptop for graphics designers is one that meets their needs, along with being affordable. With so many laptops on the market, it can be hard to find the right one – but this article will make things easier!

With this post, you’ll find it much easier to get the laptop of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a new one or an old model, there’s plenty of helpful information here for when you make up your mind about what exactly you want.

In conclusion, here are the top 10 laptops for graphic design we recommend. Hopefully, these suggestions will make finding the perfect laptop much easier than if you searched on your own. Feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns you may have about what we discussed.

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